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Sleeve Gastrectomy

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Doç. Dr. Muzaffer AL

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve Gastrectomy

In this method, we remove the outer 2/3 of the stomach with special stapler devices that make closure and cutting and create a 150-200 cc volume stomach.

This is a procedure that restricts food intake. By reducing food intake, we enable you to get rid of your excess weight. At the same time, since we remove the hormone gherelin, which is the hormone that provides appetite, from the body, we provide a decrease in appetite. You usually lose 50-60% of your excess weight in the first 6 months. After this surgery, your diet is adjusted by the dietician.


No external vitamin supplementation is usually required

A physiological surgery

You can get rid of your excess weight and reach your ideal weight

A surgery suitable for all endoscopic procedures

Easily convertible to other bariatric methods


If you go out of the nutritionist’s control and start overeating and do it all the time, then you run the risk of expanding your small stomach and gaining weight again. Therefore, you need to follow the advice of your nutritionist.

We perform the surgery laparoscopically. Through small millimeter holes in the abdomen, we insert instruments called trocars. We insert a camera into the abdomen.

We transfer the image to the screen. We do all operations with special devices. Laparoscopy surgeries allow the patient to stand up earlier after surgery, the patient feels less pain, wound healing is better and there are smaller scars.

The surgery takes 45-50 minutes on average. You stay in the hospital for an average of 3 days. You can return to your normal life 1 week after the operation. You can start your normal walks 1 week after the operation. You can swim after 10 days. After 1 month, you can do plates, ride a bicycle and do other non-heavy sports activities. (Heavy sports are prohibited for 1 year, for example weightlifting, judo, karate, boxing, wrestling, etc.) 4 days after the operation, you can take a bath by protecting your stitches. You can have your stitches in small incision sites removed 8-10 days after surgery.

Is there a risk with the surgery?

Every surgery has its own risks. In this surgery, we remove 2/3 of the stomach with devices called staplers and make a small stomach. 0.5% risk of leakage from the stapler line can occur worldwide.

What measures do we take to prevent this risk?

We use the highest quality staplers for this process. We support the stapler line with special sutures. We inject methylene blue water into the stomach and control this line. We have not seen this risk in our surgery patients until today. However, no matter how much precautions we take, we cannot make the risk 0%. We are experienced and experienced in this field.


Do I have to keep coming for follow-up visits after the surgery?

No, You take the tests we request in your city and send them to us via whatsapp or e-mail.

What will my diet be like after the surgery?

Your diet and the amount of food you eat will be given to you as a list by the nutritionist and your diet will be checked. Please let us know what foods you are allergic to or do not like.

When can I start my sexual life after the surgery?

Genellikle 15 günden sonra cinsel hayatınıza geçebilirsiniz

I am newly married. How long after the surgery can I get pregnant?

We do not want you to become pregnant for about 18 months after the operation.

Do I need to take vitamins all the time?

No, it is not. It is not necessary in this method. If there is a vitamin deficiency in your follow-up, we give it. We do not give vitamin support in the routine.